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A Charity for Charities

As many followers will know, Derwent Brass is no stranger to putting on a great concert in support of charities at both a local and national level. In addition to this the band are frequently asked to perform alongside other artists, again in the interests of raising much needed funds for those deserved organisations.

Quite outstandingly Derwent Brass maintain momentum in supporting these causes whilst their own financial incomings are through concert revenue, merchandising sales, contest prize money and some gratefully recieved donations, only. Derwent Brass are an unsponsored organisation with a healthy outgoing as a result of their passion for a busy, yet quality, work schedule in the form of regular concert and contest appearances whilst maintaining a modern, fresh and professional image. That said they reguarly continue to donate to worthwhile causes, perhaps most noticeably in excess of £28,000 to the Friends of the Nightingale MacMillan Unit alone, in addition to money they have helped to accumlate for various other organisations including; the Buxton Mountain Rescue Team, Cancer Resarch UK, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, the Motor Neurone Disease Assocation, Help for Heroes, Parkinsons, Derbyshire Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Society and more.

Obviously balancing the finances for this sort of enterprise is no easy task and is one which has been handled brilliantly over recent years under the eagle eyes of Tuba player Neil Riddle. At this year's AGM however Neil stepped down from this post to take on his new role as band manager and what a sterling job he has being doing in this post as well. The empty treasurer's seat was then quickly fulfilled by a qualified and very experienced accountant in Beverley Leonard. As the surname suggests Beverley is wife to the band's Musical Director Keith, however unfortunately for him this doesn't mean he can get away with spending more money on music and percussion equipment! 

Taking all of this on board and what the band has continues to offer to the community, Beverley went through the detailed task of turning Derwent Brass into a charity itself, with the full backing of the band and it's now trustees. Following the paper trails, the band were successful in their application (Registered Charity No: 1146146) of becoming a charity under the provision of expanding knowledge and awareness for brass playing within the musical arts.

The band are of course delighted with this, not only for the support it offers, but also because it represents what Derwent Brass is all about - a friendly yet professional outfit, ready to entertain to a high standard and fundamentally put a smile on the faces of audiences and the people they support. A real success story in some difficult times gives hope within the local area - Derwent Brass are very proud to rehearse in and be associated with Belper, all-in-all adding a real sense of meaning to their strapline "Derbys Premier Brass Band".

The band's next charity event is July 28th, supporting the Royal National Institute of Blind People, with guest soloists Denise Leigh, winner of Channel 4's Operatunity. Click here for more details.

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