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Derwent Ensemble Reaches New Heights!

Earlier in the year the Derwent Brass 10pc Ensemble were invited to perform within the beautiful setting of the Heights of Abraham's Amphitheatre in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire. The ensemble were chosen as the opening act to the Height's 'Summer Sound of Music', one of many special events they put on over the course of the year. 

Now our new website is fully up and running we are now able to share the photos and compliments received from the event.


Derwent Brass - A Hit at the Heights!

The hilltop woodlands of the Heights of Abraham Matlock Bath were echoing to the sound of music this weekend.

Derwent Brass Band’s 10 piece ensemble brought an eclectic a mix of traditional British favourites, stunning solos by several players and an outstanding drum solo each day which saw the crowd applauding loudly.

Four Coach Tours arrived and ended up staying longer than planned longer as they were so engrossed in the stunning setting overlooking High Tor, Matlock town and the sounds of Brass drifting across the valley.


“Derwent Brass were so well received and the crowd were shouting for more at the end of the show” commented John Coulson Marketing & Events Manager,” it has added a new dimension to the experience and we hope helps to show that we are more than just a Cable Car ride!” [Press Release - July 2010]

Heights of Abraham Derwent Brass

The ensemble thoroughly enjoyed playing over the weekend, and are hoping to be part of the line up for next year's summer festival! One of the main highlights and a totally new experience for the band was using the cable car to transport the players and all the band kit/instruments to the playing venue; certainly one we will never forget!

(Pictured above - Graham Johnson performing a very well received solo on the Tenor Horn)

"A Great weekend! It was a super sound and brought families together to enjoy wonderful summer music with a fantastic back drop. We hope to book Derwent Brass again for next summer. Customer feed back was that it had really enhanced their visit and so unexpected a treat." J.Coulson

For more information on the Heights of Abraham please visit www.heightsofabraham.com

Also check out some ColourSplash photos from the event in our gallery.



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