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EPIC Awards People's Choice - Winners!

Derwent Brass are pleased to announce that they have won the 2013 EPIC Awards - People's Choice Award!

The People’s Choice Award was set up to encourage the general public to get involved in the Epic Awards, and to generate interest in all the shortlisted groups by voting for the one they wanted to win. This certainly proved to be the case, with many groups, especially ours, attracting a huge amount of support from the local area and beyond – indeed we saw a mass of votes coming in from all around the world!

As a result of being a finalist in the competition the band have been award subscriptions to both ‘Making Music’ and 'Running Your Group’ worth hundreds of pounds, which we hope will assist in the running and also marketing of the band moving forward.

The entry into the competition was based mainly on the inspiring work and partnership making the band did with Paul McGhee on the commissed work Episodes, Occurrences and Interludes, in addition to the work the band did last year in concert, raising money for charity, achieving good contest results and also running both performers and composers workshops whilst celebrating their 20th year – certainly something to be very proud of indeed.

Thank you to all who voted and put effort in to getting their friends, colleagues and family to vote as well – it really did make all the difference!

An EPIC way to start the new year for Derwent Brass!


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