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New Faces and Basses in Garden of Eden

 The start of 2014 sees some changes within Derwent Brass, both on a player front and within the committee!

John Monaghan Bb Derwent Brass TubaJohn Monaghan Derwent Brass TubaFirstly, we give a very warm welcome indeed to John Monaghan who joins the band on Bb Tuba. Christmas 2013 saw the sad depature of Nic Bracegirdle on Bb Tuba who left due to a variety of personal reasons. The band however didn't go with an empty seat at all, as following his support on various gigs towards the end of last year, John accepted the offer to take up the seat in the new year.

John is a very talented and experienced Tuba player, who has played for various Championship Section bands in the Midlands area, most recently the Virtuosi GUS band, and under the batons of some of the most distinguished conductors in the business. You can read John's full profie here.

Keith Leonard, the band's musical director commented: "I am very pleased indeed to see John come onboard the Derwent journey. John is a fine player indeed, but just as importantly, he is a good bandsmen who brings with him a wealth of experience. John has various friends already within the band, most noticeably from his time at William Davis and I hope his stay with us is a long and enjoyable one. Of course I, on behalf of the committee, wish Nic all the very best for the future, thank him for his time with the band and aso for being a good bandsmen throughout."

The end of 2013 also saw the addition of Max Stannard to the Trombone section. Max again brings a variety of talents to the band, not only through his playing ability but also as a composer, arranger and occasional conductor. Max joins Martyn Johnson on top Trombone and the highly experienced Chris Fower on Bass Trombone. Max also has the comfort of Mick Allen our resident 4th Trombone who readily swaps between Bass and 2nd Trom, as required, in the event of needing a dep player. A great team and system working well for the band meaning we are rarely seen with a strange face (other than our own of course!) within the ranks.

On the committee we thank Karen Pitts for her contributions as she takes a step back in 2014, but warmly welcome onboard the band's president Nev Eden into the Chairman's seat following Graham Johnson's 10 year tenure in the role. Nev (president of the band) rejoined the band in a playing capacity in 2012 and having been a successful chairman of the band in the past is looking for to taking it strongly into the future.

"Having been away from the band for a period of time, and monitoring it since my return, I can safely say that the band is doing extremely well and is in a strong position for the future. I am honoured to take over the seat as band chairman, thank Graham for clearly doing a fantastic job over the last 10 years, and will of course give the role my utmost effort. We are lucky to have a strong committee foundation in Derwent Brass which not only makes it a success, but also keeps the band driving forward and happy. With this existing traction and team spirit I am confident we will continue to progress and steer the band in the right direction." Nev Eden - Derwent Brass, Chairman

Graham, whilst no longer chairman, is maintaining his role as a trustee to the band through continued committee membership. An exciting new face joining him, and the other existing officers who retain their positions, is Ash Hewson who joined the band on Euphonium in April last year.

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