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New Work - Anniversary Commission Success

Derwent Brass Commission PRS FoundationIn the last 20 years Derwent Brass has come along way. From the depths of the 3rd section they are now firmly established in the Championship Section and regularly perform at quality concerts whilst always attempting to be at the forefront of brass band modernisation.

The membership are therefore very proud to be celebrating the band's 20th anniversary this year and following their recent successful grant application from the PRS for Music Foundation now have a bespoke new work, already deep into it’s composition, to use as a significant marker in the band's ever growing history.

The new work, yet to be titled, is currently being scribed by one of the new wave of talented composers Paul McGhee. Paul is really starting to make his mark on the composition scene with his revolutionary works also being featured in the BrassWind Festival (Bergen), the Swiss National Brass Band Championships (Montreux), RNCM Festival of Brass, Cardiff New Brass Festival and much more (visit www.paul-mcghee.co.uk).

"I'm very pleased and excited to be working with Derwent Brass and Keith Leonard on this commission to write a Paul McGhee Derwent BrassPaul McGhee Derwent Brass PRS Commission New Work 20 minute programme of works for their 20th anniversary; having known Keith and the band for many years I'm honoured that they've chosen to include me in their milestone celebration. Hopefully we can produce new music that breaks from convention and creates a different experience for the audience whilst giving the members of Derwent, past and present, something to celebrate their times in the band. I'd also like to thank the PRS for Music Foundation, whose award for this project has made it possible."  Paul McGhee.

The first performance of the new work will take place at the Landau Forte Theatre, Fox Street, Derby on February 25th and will feature a composer’s forum followed by a full length concert including the new work. More details can be found here.

The band are of course very excited to be working with Paul on this piece and are looking forward to using it during 2012; after which time it is our intention to make the piece publically available to further encourage the spread of Paul's work, the Derwent Brass heritage and the ever increasing need to bring greater innovation to the brass band movement. All of this of course wouldn’t be possible without the significant grant award from the PRS for Music Foundation for which we are extremely grateful.

“Having been associated with Derwent Brass for 19 of it’s 20 years I have enjoyed the long journey to the exciting ensemble we enjoy today. The 20th anniversary is a significant milestone for the band and it’s wonderful that we have been able to engage a talent such as Paul McGhee to create something special for us. It has been delight to collaborate with Paul and I am looking forward to preparing and performing his new work.” Keith Leonard, Musical Director - Derwent Brass

For more information on the PRS for Music Foundation visit www.prsformusicfoundation.com

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