There is so much more to music than entertainment

The education of music has a broad spectrum of proven benefits, from developing literacy and maths, to helping to battle with health-related issues such as stress and anxiety. Further, many studies have shown a wealth of improvements from specifically playing brass instruments such as breath control, core muscle development and coordination, etc.

Combine this with the obvious artistic and creative advantages from making music and you can see why Derwent Brass is an advocate of music education, particularly in young people.

“Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education.”  (Plato)


Derwent Brass in the form of either the full band, smaller ensemble or its soloists, have performed an array of workshops under the umbrella of music education, predominantly supporting the local community and young people, but also venturing further afield and even to support other bands.

In addition, we have organised open brass workshops with tutors such as Steven Mead and Russell Gray and even open composition workshops with tutors such as Paul McGhee and Lucy Pankhurst.

"The workshop organised by Derwent Brass was a complete success and was a day that we would expect to be charged a great sum for, especially for the distinguished guests they arranged. Our thanks go to them for this exceptional day."

Student from Keele University

"I am so impressed by Derwent Brass, with their organisation, planning and vision in putting together this special concert and workshop which was enjoyed by so many. They are a great example of a band that has an excellent team spirit, a clear sense of direction and play very well indeed!"

Steven Mead

"The purpose is to inspire students and entertain families, friends, staff and the wider public. Last night’s workshop, Q&A and concert certainly did all that! The standard of musicianship and professional conduct was outstanding."

Director of Music, Derby High School

"The Brass Spectacular workshop was very good indeed. Relaxed, informative and very well organised."

Student Workshop Attendee

Tutoring and Mentoring

Many members of Derwent Brass are highly educated in terms of music, composition and/or performance, have a wealth of experience or indeed teach music on a professional basis. We can therefore readily facilitate tutoring and mentoring for most aspects of brass performance and composition.

We are also often asked to collaborate with or perform music of young, or otherwise up-and-coming composers, and to provide feedback, advice and support where required. This can often lead to great relationships, development, success and engagement.

Youth Encouragement

Aside from specific workshops and tutoring, Derwent Brass actively encourages youth engagement with brass music in several ways, both locally and further afield.

Locally, we have taken our music to schools for both performances and open Q&A sessions and have even joined in massed group performances alongside school bands and orchestras. We always offer discounted, and often free children’s tickets to our concerts and reach out to organisations such as the local scout association and cadets for support at events such as front of house duties.

Young people are also no strangers to being members of the band itself. In our experience performing within the band, improving alongside other talented musicians and honing ensemble skills has significantly supported player development. Indeed, many former young members of Derwent Brass have gone on to perform with some of the very finest bands and orchestras in the UK. Naturally welfare and other policies are in place to protect young people.

Further afield our most notable work is as active partners of the well-known charity Brass for Africa who empower African youth through brass music (for more go to

Internal Education

Of course, the band itself are always learning and improving and with that its members and to an extent its supporters all benefit. Under our musical leadership team and through collaborations with a wide array of groups, we open channels to a plethora of artistic opportunities and development. 


Interested in tuition, workshops or any other type of learning with Derwent Brass? We'd love to hear from you.


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