Full Band Low Res
Open Rehearsal
28 February 2024
Corby Business Academy Front
Midland Area Brass Band Championships
03 March 2024
Russell Watson and Derwent Brass
08 March 2024
Band Awards 2024 Header Thin
Derwent Brass Awards 2024 [Private Event]
16 March 2024
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British Open Brass Band Championships [Spring Festival]
11 May 2024
Larks in the Park
30 June 2024
Historic Lavenham 2024
Historic Lavenham Festival Theatre
17 August 2024
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Stage and Screen | Derby Theatre
14 September 2024
Bingo at Boothys Club David Severn sRGB scaled v2
Welfare (It Were Welfare To Us) (27 Sep to 12 Oct)
27 September 2024
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Brass Band Conference 2024
19 October 2024
NTR 2021 LR
A Night To Remember | A Festival of Music and Remembrance
09 November 2024
Christmas at the Cathedral - Massed Bands with Derby Central Salvation Army
13 December 2024
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Britsh Open Brass Band Championships [Spring Festival]
17 May 2025
In Concert With Southwell Choral Society
15 November 2025


Your frequently asked questions answered

Not sure what to wear, when to turn up, when to clap or what to do if you’re late? We answer these and more of your other frequently asked questions below.

We want our audiences to feel relaxed and able to concentrate fully on enjoying the show, so if we’ve missed anything here, please get in touch.

  • Is there a dress code?
    No, the only people who have a dress code are the performers on stage and sometimes our front of house team. Dress as comfortably as you like – jeans and trainers are perfectly acceptable, as is smarter attire.
  • Can I bring children?
    We believe anyone of school age and above will enjoy a Derwent Brass event. Wherever possible we will offer half price tickets for children (under 16) and bulk purchase discounts.
  • What’s the best time to arrive?
    Most Derwent Brass concerts commence at 19:30 with auditorium doors opening at 19:00. This may vary depending on the event and venue but is typically 30 minutes prior to the time of the main event commencing. This will allow you time to gain access, maybe grab a drink, pick up a programme and find your seat(s) before the event begins.
  • Can I buy a ticket on the door?
    In most cases yes, however there is always the risk of the event selling out, so we always recommend buying tickets ahead of the event. For most self-promoted events we also offer a discount for purchasing in advance as it helps us to manage the event more effectively.
  • What happens if I lose my ticket?
    If you have lost your ticket, we can help! Email [email protected] with your enquiry and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.
  • What if I’m late and the event has started?
    In most instances, venues will admit you to the auditorium in between pieces, so please wait outside the door until the current piece has finished. You will then be allowed entry.
  • Do you sell programmes?
    For the majority of our self-promoted concerts, professionally produced programmes are available in exchange for a small donation which covers the cost of production. At third party promoted events we can’t always guarantee there will be a printed programme, but wherever possible we will try and make sure one is available. The cost of third-party produced programmes is the responsibility of the event organiser and may vary.
  • When do I clap?
    It is customary to clap when the band and the conductor enters the stage, then after each piece. It can be helpful to look at the conductor who will usually provide a signal that the piece has ended, or to follow others in the audience. We do of course love it when people express their delight at our performance, but if you feel uncomfortable and unsure about when to clap, it's generally best to wait for others to start.

    If you want to display more appreciation at the end of the concert, feel free! A shout of ‘encore’ should be enough to encourage the band to play another piece.
  • Can I take photographs?
    In most venues, taking photos is not permitted and can be distracting for performers and other audience members. Please feel free to shoot photos before or after the music, e.g. during the interval or applause, and if you're sharing them on social media, don't forget to tag us! @derwentbrass

    We also ask you politely not to make audio or video recordings of the music (including the likes of Facebook live) as this is illegal, even if it is just for your own enjoyment.
  • How long is the event?
    Most events will last approximately 2½ hours with a main 20-minute interval, however this can vary. Some concerts may have more breaks and some none, but wherever possible these will be highlighted on the event details page.
  • Can I buy Derwent Brass merchandise at concerts?
    Yes, at most events we have the latest Derwent Brass CDs and other merchandise available.
  • Can I get autographs?
    Yes, all of Derwent Brass, its Soloists and its Music Director are extremely approachable and would be delighted to sign a CD, programme or any other literature for you.
  • Do you offer free tickets for essential companions?
    We want to make sure everyone can participate and enjoy Derwent Brass events equally. We are happy to provide free tickets to those who need someone to be with them (i.e. to assist with mobility or guidance) so they are able to attend an event.

    Please note this is not intended for customers who simply want someone to go with them, or just need assistance with transportation to venues.
  • What arrangements are in place for those requiring special access for an event?
    Wherever possible Derwent Brass organise, or perform at, events where there is accessibility for wheelchair users, there are unisex disabled toilets available, and where assistance dogs are permitted. Many venues also operate infra-red sound systems. Whilst these aspects are venue dependant and somewhat outside of our control, you can Derwent Brass directly in advance of an event if you have any questions relating to access matters by emailing [email protected]
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