Derwent Brass was founded in 1992, making it a relatively young organisation in brass banding terms. However, it's true history can be chased right back to 1860 where it is believed the first brass band in Derby was formed.

Timeline of Derwent Brass

1992 to Present

Derwent Brass

In 1992 the Neville Brass ensemble amalgamated with Davis Derby Brass Band to form Derwent Brass. Derwent Brass was and remains a competing band and defaulted to the third section of the brass band league table when it was founded.

1985 to 1992

nev bras

Neville Brass

Neville Brass was formed in 1985 by a group of friends from the City of Derby Band. It was originally formed as a quintet ensemble, along the same lines as the famous Philip Jones Brass Ensemble, but due to increasing popularity it quickly grew to 10+ players.

1986 to 1992

Davis Derby Brass Band

The Derby Railway Works Band changed sponsor and became the Davis Derby Brass Band

1962 to 1985

Derby Railway Works Band

1961 to 1962

Derby Locomotive Works Band

1949 to 1960

Derby Railway Works Silver Band

1937 to 1949


Derby LMS (London Midland Scottish) Works Silver Band

1920 to 1936

Derby NUR (National Union of Railwaymen) Band

1864 to 1900s

Railway Ironworks Band (Litchurch)

In 1864 they led the company workers on a procession to the station, and thence to Buxton for a day's excursion.

1863 to 1864

Railway Ironworks and Victoria Foundry Brass Band (Derby)

Also known at this time as the Cotton Lane Brass Band. The band was formed of workmen from Messrs Eastwood and Sons' at the Railway Iron Works, Cotton Lane, Litchurch, Derby.

1860 to 1863


Derby Midland Railway Band

The Midland Railway was a railway company in the United Kingdom from 1844. The Midland was one of the largest railway companies in Britain in the early 20th century and the largest employer in Derby, where it had its headquarters. The Derby Midland Railway Band is believed to be the earliest brass band founded in Derby.

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